lundi 24 décembre 2012

Belles Fêtes / Pieknych Swiat

12 commentaires:

  1. Asiu ,życzymy Wam ciepłych, pogodnych ,pełnych odpoczynku Świąt
    jola, maciek i chłopaki :-)

  2. that's so lovely :)
    merry x-mas to you too :)!

  3. Dear Joanna, it is beautiful. I like everything you do. I wish you a beautiful Christmas ans a very happy New Year! :)

  4. Dear Jonna, I love your illustrations! And yesterday I got your book as a Christmas gift. This book with your illustrations is the best gift which I got this year! Therefore I would like to thank you, you're doing such a great illustration!
    Excuse my English please, Merry Christmas. Dorka

    1. I'm happy that a gift like my book make you happy ;-) My English to is not good, I'm sorry :( I was a very bad student...
      all the best for you !